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Idea Montagna - Mont Blanc: Classic & Plaisir
Idea Montagna - Mont Blanc: Classic & Plaisir

80 routes on rock, ice and mixed

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The Mont Blanc range is one of great ascents, where important pages in mountaineering history have been written. 
However, alongside the hard routes climbable by but a few, there is a plethora of more accessible routes to be discovered, combining beautiful climbing and incredible surroundings. This guidebook allows you a taste of Mont Blanc without worrying too much about sporting performance.

Opening a book about Mont Blanc is always a moving experience for me, a mountain which I’ve dreamed of so much and which has given me so many dreams in return. First of all, I remember the moment when I discovered these mountains, at fourteen years old, thanks to Gaston Rebuffat’s beautifully entitled book, “Mont Blanc, jardin féérique“. I am immensely grateful to Rébuffat, who through this book revealed to me a true high-altitude gem, something I’d only dreamed of, confusedly and ardently, having grown up in a flat region with no mountains. And then there are numerous memories of hours and hours spent there, in the heart of these mountains, which little by little have become engraved in my memory. As well as these, though, are the precious faces of so many companions, illuminated by the light and shade of the mountains. Faces alight with effort or enthusiasm, with fatigue or joy, with worry or relief, with wonder or confusion...
Let this book, so clearly the product of a true lifetime passion, reveal to its readers those great places where dreams are made, along the main roads or secret corners of this inexhaustible “enchanted garden“. Let it guide you in the realisation of those dreams, accomplished and wholly shared in that unique bond between climbers.
Patrick Gabarrou


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