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Cicerone - Trekking in the Stubai Alps

Cicerone - Trekking in the Stubai Alps

Walking the Stubai Rucksack Route and the Stubai Glacier Tour

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Third edition trekking guide to two multi-day hut-to-hut tours in the stunningly scenic Austrian Tyrol, Europe, south of Innsbruck - the Stubai Rucksack Route (or Höhen Weg) and the more challenging Stubai Glacier Tour, which involves glacier crossing. Either tour can be completed in 8-10 days. Includes a comprehensive hut directory.

Of all the many Alpine areas, few can match the Stubai in the Austrian Tyrol as a venue for a first Alpine season. Shapely peaks, good paths and some of the best huts in the Alps make it ideal for the novice who wants to extend their experience beyond Britain.

This third edition of the guide describes two celebrated routes, the Stubai Rucksack Route and the Stubai Glacier Tour. The Stubai Rucksack Route is an ideal route for the novice mountain walker, and links eight huts without crossing glaciers or difficult passes. The Stubai Glacier Route – known as the Höhen Weg – is a hut-to-hut tour through the best of the Stubai that crosses glaciers and has ample opportunities for ascents of easy peaks. Both routes can be accomplished in eight to ten days.

Both tours are given their own brief introduction with profiles of the route and other vital information and illustrated with colour photographs and sketch maps.The Introduction provides vital transport, language, accommodation and equipment information and the hut directory at the back gives full and up-to-date information about all the mountain huts along the routes.

Stubai Rucksack Route and Round Tour


Alternative Start
Stage 1A:  Mieders to Klostergasthof Maria Waldrast

Ascent of Serles and Lampermahd Spitze from Klostergasthof Maria Waldrast
Stage 1B:  Klostergasthof Maria Waldrast to the Padasterjoch Haus
Stage 1C:  Padasterjoch Haus to the Innsbrucker Hut           

Main Route
Stage 1:  Neder to the Innsbrucker Hut             

Ascent of the Habicht from the Innsbrucker Hut                                                
Ascent of the Kalkwand from the Innsbrucker Hut                                                

Stage 2:  Innsbrucker Hut to the Bremer Hut
Stage 3:  Bremer Hut to the Nuernburger Hut via Simmingjochl 

Ascent of the Ostlicher Feuerstein from the Simmingjochl
Ascent of the Aperer Feuerstein from the Simmingjochl

Stage 4:  Nuernburger Hut to the Sulzenau Hut                        
Stage 4A:  Via the Niederl            
Stage 4B:  Via ascent of the Mair Spitze            
Stage 4C:  Via ascent of the Wilder Freiger            
Stage 5:  Sulzenau Hut to the Dresdner Hut                                                
Stage 5A:  Via the Peiljoch                                    
Stage 5B:  Via the Grosser Trogler                                                

Ascent of the Schaufel Spitze from the Dresdner Hut
Stage 6:  Dresdner Hut to the Neue Regensburger Hut via the Grawagrubenneider                        
Stage 7:  Neue Regensburger Hut to the Franz Senn Hut via the Schrimmenneider             

Ascent to the Rinnen See from the Franz Senn Hut
Ascent of the Sommerwand from the Franz Senn Hut
Ascent of the Lisenser Ferner Kogel from the Franz Senn Hut

Stage 8:  Franz Senn to the Starkenburger Hut

Ascent of Hoher Burgstall from the Starkenburger Hut
Stage 9:  Starkenburger Hut to Neustift                                               

Alternative Finish
Stage 9A:  Starkenburger Hut to Fulpmes

The Stubai Glacier Tour (Hoehen Weg)


Stage 1:  Milders to the Franz Senn Hut
Stage 2:  Franz Senn Hut to the Amberger Hut via the Wildgrat Scharte

Ascent of the Schrankogel from the Schwarzenberg Ferner glacier                        
Stage 3:  Amberger Hut to the Hoch Stubai Hut via the Wuetenkar Sattel 
Stage 4:  Hoch Stubai Hut to the Hildesheimer Hut via the Bildstoeckljoch 

Ascent of the Schaufel Spitze from the Schaufeljochbahn 
Stage 5:  Hildesheimer Hut to the Mueller Hut via the Zuckerhuetl and Wilder Pfaff

Alternative Poor Weather Routes 
Stage 5A:  Hildesheimer Hut to the Siegerland Hut
Stage 5B:  Siegerland Hut to the Mueller Hut via the Sonklar Spitze
Stage 6:  Mueller Hut to the Nuernburger Hut via the Wilder Freiger
Stage 7:  Nuernburger Hut to Ranalt, Neustift and Innsbruck


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