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Rockfax - The Dolomites - Rock Climbs and Via Ferrata

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The Dolomites


Rock Climbs and Via Ferrata



Taal Engels
Pagina's 496
Afmeting 15 x 21



The elegant and dramatic peaks of the Dolomites, one of the most recently designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, have long epitomised the ideals of climbers the world over. These spectacular limestone and dolomite monoliths rise abruptly from beautiful meadows, their pale faces contrasting starkly with the vibrant colour of the surrounding alpine pastures, to create one of the most instantly recognisable landscapes in the World.

Located in northern Italy, and representing a true mix of Italian and Austrian culture, these so-called 'Pale Alps' contain climbing of every shape and size. Single pitch sport crags lie beside kilometre-long traditional routes, with climbs which are steeped in history running parallel to modern bolted lines. The area is particularly renowned for its via ferrata, cabled routes predating the Great War which give superb access to some of the World's most striking summits. The metal wires, interspersed with breathtaking ladders and unlikely suspension bridges, provide aerial assault courses which combine the thrill of an ascent on rock with the security of a protected mountain scramble.

This Rockfax guide covers everything you need for a climbing trip regardless of ability, whether it be sport, trad, via ferrata or a combination of all three. It features all the major areas and is the only guidebook available to have such comprehensive coverage.

Catinaccio, Val di Fassa, Marmolada, Sella Group, Val Gardena, Fanis Group, Lagazuoi Group, Tofana Group, Cinque Torri, Cortina Basin, Cadini di Misurina, Tre Cime.

152 trad routes
781 sport routes
37 via ferrata

Catinaccio / Rosengarten

Masare & Roda de Vael (Via Ferrata)

Porte Neigre

Cima Catinaccio

Punta Emma

Vajolet Towers

Catinaccio d'Antermoia (Via Ferrata)


Val di Fassa

Franco Gadoti (Via Ferrata)

Magnifici Quattro (Via Ferrata)

Col Ombert / Kaiserjeger (Via Ferrata)

The Val Duron - Sentiero Massimiliano (Via Ferrata)

- Laurenzi - Molignon (Via Ferrata)

Penia di Canazei

Dei Finanzieri / Colac (Via Ferrata)


Marmolada Group

Passo Fedaia & Pian dei Fiacconi

Marmolada West Ridge (Via Ferrata)

Eterna Brigata Cadore - Punta Serauta (Via Ferrata)

Marmolada - South Face


Pordoi Pass 

Via delle Trincee - La Mesola (Via Ferrata)

Cesare Piazzetta - Piz Boe (Via Ferrata)

Sas Pordoi - South Face


Sella Pass 

Sass Pordoi - North West Face

Piz Ciavazes

Sella Towers

Delle Mèsules - Possnecker (Via Ferrata)

Col Rodella (Via Ferrata)

Città dei Sassi


Val Gardena 

Odle Group

Sass Rigais (Via Ferrata)

Sandro Pertini (Via Ferrata)


Piz da Cir V Via (Via Ferrata)

Tridentina Crag


Torre Brunico & Mur de Pisciadù

Brigata Tridentina (Via Ferrata)

Oscura della Luna - North Face

Sas Ciampac


Piz da Lech (Via Ferrata)


Fanis / Fanes Group 

Sas dla Crusc / Sasso della Croce

Sasso delle Nove / Sass de les Nu

Punte (Zimes) di Fanes (Via Ferrata)

Cima del Lago

Cima Scotoni

Tomaselli - Cima Fanes Sud (Via Ferrata)

Lagazuoi Nord



Lagazuoi Piccolo


Sas de Stria

Sas de Stria / Hexenstein


Falzarego Towers & Col dei Bos

Torre Grande & Torre Piccola di Falzarego

Col dei Bos / degli Alpini (Via Ferrata)

Col dei Bos - South Face


Tofana Group

Tofana de Rozes

Giovanni Lipella - Tofana di Rozes (Via Ferrata)

Tofana di Mezzo (Via Ferrata)


Cinque Torri & Averau 

Cinque Torri - Torre Grande, Seconda, Terza / Latina, Quarta, Quinta / Inglese, Trephor, Massi

Averau (Via Ferrata)

Averau South West Face


Cortina d'Ampezzo basin

Ettore Bovero - Col Rosa (Via Ferrata)

Punta Fiames

Michielli Strobel - Punta Fiames (Via Ferrata)

Ski Club 18 (Via Ferrata)

Ivano Dibona (Via Ferrata)

Marino Bianchi - Cima di Mezzo (Via Ferrata)

Sorapiss Circuit:  (Berti, Sentiero Carlo Minazio, Vandelli - Via Ferrata)


Misurina Area 

Monte (Piz) Popena Basso

Punta Col de Varda

Torre Wundt

Il Gobbo, Torre del Diavolo and Torre Leo

Merlone - Cima del Cadin West Face (Via Ferrata)


Tre Cime 

Cima Piccola

Punta Frida

Cima Piccolissima

Cima Grande

Cima Ovest

Sentiero de Luca / Innerkofler (Via Ferrata)

Delle Scalette - Torre Toblino (Via Ferrata)

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