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Cicerone - Walks and climbs in the Pyrenees

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Walking guide


Walks and climbs in the Pyrenees 


Walks, climbs and multi-day tours



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Guidebook of walks and climbs in the Pyrenees with over 170 day walks, multi-day walks, climbing routes and mountaineering ascents. Covers all valleys and peaks from France and Spain, with through routes and peaks to bag.

Walks and Climbs in the Pyrenees offers 170 walks, multi day tours and climbs of the Central and High Pyrenees. Covering valleys and peaks throughout France and Spain, this guidebook is an introduction to one of Europe's finest mountain ranges.

Fully updated fifth edition of this classic guide – now in full colour, with redrawn map and new photos. Includes three new districts – Lac d'Oô and the Circque d'Espingo; Vallées de la Pique and du Lis; and Haute Vallée du Garbet – and several new routes.

The active walker, trekker and climber is spoilt for choice, for there is enough scope in the Pyrenees to fill a lifetime of holidays with a host of experiences no matter what your degree of commitment. There are exquisite valleys and passes to wander day after day, and summits of 3000 metres and more within the reach of most hill walkers. The landscape is full of diversity and contrast, with Alpine style peaks, small glaciers, deep gorges and more than a thousand mountain lakes. The range is also known as the 'flower garden of Europe', and the wildlife includes various species rarely seen elsewhere on the continent.

Since the first edition appeared in 1978, Walks and Climbs in the Pyrenees has become accepted as the authoritative guide to the range, and this new edition incorporates many changes and additions to reflect the boom in interest in the area.

For centuries the Pyrenees basked in the mystery of the unknown. Unaccountably dismissed as holding little of importance to the climber, mountain walkers ignored them almost completely. But all that has changed and the Pyrenees have now become the focus of attention for mountain activists of all degrees of commitment. Not just walkers and climbers, but parapente enthusiasts, mountain bikers, white-water kayak buffs, bird-watchers, butterfly and flower lovers, cavers and those who gain a thrill from descending horrific waterfalls and seemingly inaccessible canyons- the sport known as Canyoning. As an arena for outdoor adventure the Pyrenees fulfills so many dreams.

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