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Cicerone - Walking in the Central Italian Alps

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Walking in the Central Italian Alps


Vinschgau - Ortler - Adamello & their parks


Taal Engels
Pagina's 218
Afmeting 17,2 x 11,6



Guidebook by local expert Gillian Price to walking and trekking in the Central Italian Alps, Italy, Europe. 33 walking and trekking routes range from half-day to full day and multi-day treks. They cover the Vinschgau, Stelvio National Park, Ortler group and Adamello Nature Park regions between Lake Garda and the Swiss and Austrian borders.


A kaleidoscope of walking routes through Italy's largest National Park as well as several Nature Parks.

Unusual wildlife, brilliant flora at incredible altitudes, desolate glacial valleys and picturesque legends about the icy realms are regular features of itineraries that touch on ancient irrigation channels, medieval castles, Romanesque churches, First World War fortifications, traditional farm life and comfortable refuges that serve mouth-watering local dishes… all accessible using the extensive network of public transport.

The itineraries described follow well-marked and numbered paths for the most part, though they range from wide easy tracks through woods to tiring moraine debris and snow crossings. Preference has been given to circular routes or traverses connecting different valleys - as well as the psychological satisfaction they provide, they can be split up into individual sections as short day-walks. Alternative accesses and exits are given when possible.

A vast range of adaptable routes for all the family, through an area hitherto unknown to English-speaking walkers.

    The area
    How to get there and public transport   
    When to go
    Walks & walking
    Refuges & accommodation
    Flora & fauna


    1.   Texel Group – Franz Huber Weg
    2.   Texel Group – The Ancient Way of the Dead
    3.   Texel Group – An Icy Pass
    4.   Schnalstal – Traditional Farm Life
    5.   Ötztaler Alps – An Age-Old Stock Route and the Iceman
    6.   Saldurkamm – A Saint, a Waalweg and a Castle
    7.   Langtauferertal – A Pope and a Glacier
    8.   Sesvenna Group – The Smugglers’ Gorge


Stelvio National Park
    9.   Trafoiertal – Goldseeweg
    10. Zaytal – Roches Moutonées
    11. Ortler Group – Skirting the Giant
    12. Ortler Group – Glaciers and Spirits
    13. Laasertal – Marble and a Desolate Traverse
    14. Orgel-Spitze – A Magnificent Peak-cum-Weather Beacon
    15. Martelltal – Woods and Wildlife
    16. Zufritt Group – Soyscharte
    17. Ultental – Three Panoramic Peaks
    18. Ultental – A Circuit of Lakes
    19. Valle di Rabbi – Cascades and Wild Flowers
    20. Vegaia-Tremenesca Group – The Valley of Seven Lakes
    21. Val de la Mare – Rifugio Larcher and Chamois
    22. Monte Vioz – 3645 metres
    23. Ercavallo-Albiolo Group – First World War Remains
    24. Valle di Cedec & Val Zebru – Glaciers and Wildlife Galore
    25. Valle di Gavia & Valle delle Messi – Passo di Gavia


Adamello Nature Park
    26. Presanella Group – Princess Presanella
    27. Presanella Group – Val Genova
    28. Val Nambrone – Behind the Presanella
    29. Presanella Group – Some Picturesque Lakes
    30. Cima Zeledria – Sentiero Bozzetto
    31. Presanella Group – Val Gelata
    32. Upper Valcamonica – The Yellow Bivouac Hut
    33. Adamello Group – The Adamello Tour



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