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Cicerone - Gran Paradiso

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Walking guide


Gran Paradiso



Alta Via 2 Trek and day walks


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Guidebook to walking in Italy's Gran Paradiso national park, includes the Alta Via 2 Trek and 28 walks from gentle strolls to full scale traverses. The Gran Paradiso is a protected national park, just to the south of the Mont Blanc massif accessible from France and northern Italy. A range of deep valleys and passes give excellent walking.

A guidebook to walking in the The Gran Paradiso national park, Italy, describing the 12-stage Alta Via 2 trek, and a range of 28 walks. The Gran Paradiso sits in the Valle d’Aosta, in northwestern Italy, a marvellous region of magical mountains and rugged desolate valleys, verging on pristine wilderness. It is a mere alpine chough’s flight from the Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Matterhorn ranges, landmark giants that can be seen from the many scenic passes and lookouts visited during this guide. Despite its attractions, the park is relatively undiscovered. Walkers can often enjoy unforgettable days on excellent trails through spectacular valleys all to themselves, even at the height of the summer season.

This guide does not purport to cover the whole of the Gran Paradiso and southern Valle d’Aosta comprehensively. The itineraries explore highlights and special places to whet walking appetites. With a map and a sense of adventure, you will be able to concoct scores of other delightful walks.

The guide begins with the superb long-distance route, Alta Via 2. It lends itself to numerous variations and each stage could be followed as a day walk. The successive chapters of the guide contain walks suitable for visitors who prefer to make their base in a valley hotel or campsite and embark on shorter excursions. A handful of excellent traverses is also included, brilliant routes that convey walkers to wild exhilarating heights and act as links between the inhabited valleys. Suggestions are given for combining these into a further series of long-distance routes.

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