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Cicerone - Bhutan

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Bhutan - a trekker's guide


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This pocket-sized guidebook contains detailed route descriptions for 27 multi-day treks in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The trails are very clear and vary from 2 to 24 days long. The routes range from easy to strenuous depending on the length of the days, altitude and obstacles encountered, but none requires any technical equipment.

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, located between the two huge neighbouring countries of China and India, is a magical country of mountains and forest, which offers stunning scenery that really captures the beauty of the area. With its extensive natural border of high mountains to the north, rising over 7000m, and its virtually impassable jungle to the south, Bhutan has always been a place of mystery. Its lack of contact and influence from the outside world and untouched nature gives Bhutan it’s unique culture and appeal.

This guidebook contains detailed route descriptions for 27 multi-day treks that range from 2 to 24 days in length and has routes that are suitable for trekkers of all levels of experience. The treks have been divided into four sections, covering West, Central, East and South Bhutan. In general, trekking in Bhutan includes long days with several ascents and descents each day with steep valleys.

Every trek has to be led by a qualified Bhutanese guide but the Bhutan Himalayas do not require any special technical skills. The mountains are covered with a network of trails but, because of the sparse population, these are not heavily travelled. The trails are generally in a good condition, and fit experienced walkers should have no difficulty in navigating them, although natural obstacles such as snowfall and landscapes can require a change of plan.


The thrill of Bhutan
Climate and trekking seasons
Organising a trek
Getting there and getting around
Environmental and cultural awareness
Protected areas
Flora and wildlife
Geology: the formation of the mountains
Rivers and glaciers
Accommodation and food
Medical considerations and fitness
Other activities
List of approved treks
About this guide

West Bhutan

1 Haa Valley–Saga La–Drugyel Dzong
2 Haa Valley–Nub Tshona Patta Tsho–Rigona
3 Paro–Jhomolhari–Lingshi–Laya–Lunana–Nikka Chhu
4 Jhomolhari Camp–Bonte La–Tagulun La or Lalung La–Drugyel Dzong Circuit
5 Jhomolhari–Lingshi–Thimphu
6 Jhomolhari–Lingshi–Laya–Gasa–Punakha
7 Masa Gang Base Camp from Laya and back
8 Drukpath
9 Dagala Trek – and extension to Dagana
10 Samtengang Trek
11 Gasa Tsachu (hot springs) Trek
12 Gangte Trek and southern variation


Central Bhutan

13 Nabji–Korphu Trek (The Black Mountains or Jigme Wangchuk National Park)
14 Nubi/Chutey Trek near Trongsa
15 Trongsa–Kasiphey–Dur Tsachu (hot springs) Trek
16 Bumthang–Lunana (including the trek to Dur Tsachu)
17 Gankar Punsum Base Camp below the South Ridge of Gankar Punsum – via Dur hot springs
18 Gankar Punsum Southeast Face–Thole La–Bumthang Trek
19 Gankar Punsum Southeast Face – crossing over to Gankar Punsum Base Camp
20 Bumthang: Ngang–Tang Valleys Trek and Extension to Ura
21 Bumthang: Tang Valley–Rodang La–Lhuntshi–T(r)ashi Yangtse Trek
22 Royal Heritage Trek: Bumthang–Kiki La–Tungi La–Kuenga Rabten– Trongsa
23 Ura–Buli/Zhemgang Trek


East Bhutan

24 Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary Trek (Bumdeling Iron Bridge Trek)
25 Migoi (Yeti) National Park (Merak–Sakteng) Trek
26 Kharungla Apeman Trek
South Bhutan

27 Manas National Park Trek

Appendix 1 List of maps
Appendix 2 List of Treks
Appendix 3 Bibliography
Appendix 4 Glossary

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