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Alpine Club - Dolomites West and East

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Alpine Club - Dolomites West and East


Selected climbs, 2 vols in plastic wallet


Taal Engels
Pagina's 604
Afmeting 19 x 11,8

This new edition replaces the 1988 edition and because of the mass of new information contained it has been necessary to publish it in two volumes (sold as one item) to enable climbers to carry the guide while on a route. Compared to previous AC guidebooks a number of changes have been made to make the guide more user friendly; these include a new format (similar in size to that used by the SMC), colour headings and sub-headings to highlight them more easily and the incorporation of photo-diagrams within the text û they are printed as close as possible to the described routes instead of being located at the back of the guide as was the previous practice.

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